BTC/USD is in for a huge battle, targets $8,500

Bitcoin is nurturing a slightly bullish momentum after defending $8,700 support. Teetering at $8,732, the largest crypto has the potential to correct above $9,000, however, it must break down the resistance at $8,800.

According to the confluence detector, the first resistance is seen at $8,684 and highlighted the Bollinger Band 15-minutes lower, previous low 1-hour, previous low 4-hour, previous low 15-mins, SMA five 15-mins and SMA ten 15-mins.

Further up, $8,774 will stand in the way of upward correction towards $9,000. Converging here is the previous high 1-hour, Bollinger 1-hour middle, previous high 15-mins, SMA 100 15-mins, SMA ten 4-hour and the SMA 200 15-mins among other indicators.

The journey to $10,000 does not get any easier as the confluence detector places more resistance at $9,047 and $9,319.

As far as support is concerned, short-term support is seen at $8,593 as shown by the previous low one-day, SMA 50 one-day and Bollinger Band 4-hour lower.

If the selling pressure heightens, $8,502 will come to the rescue of the bulls. It hosts indicators such as the pivot point one-week support one and the pivot point one-day support 2.

How to accept Bitcoin Online in Nigeria

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It is also possible to go the simple route of simply giving your bitcoin address to the payer. He or she can then simply send bitcoin from their own wallet. This option would typically apply to freelancers and is straight-forward.

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