Top five profitable coins of the Week

Which cryptocurrency owners were able to enjoy strong price gains this week? Let’s see. These five top-100 coins in terms of market capitalization did particularly well last week.

  1. Bytom +114.5%

Bytom is a blockchain protocol for digital assets from China. It aims to simplify and automate the trading and safekeeping of tokenized bonds, company shares, bonds, and other digital assets. The reason behind the increase in price is uncertain. Bytom can be purchased on KuCoin.

2. Molecular Future +80

Although Molecular Future’s stock records have been in circulation since spring 2018, the number of outstanding coins has only been displayed since mid-September. This number is necessary to calculate market capitalization. Molecular Future sees itself as a Chinese financial services provider in the DeFi area. One reason for the rise of the token could be the announcement of a new app a few days ago. You can buy the MOF Token on OKEx.

3. iExec RLC +74%

iExec RLC is a cloud computing solution based on blockchain, to be precise on the ethereum blockchain. Computing power should be available to customers on call and can be used against payment. This makes iExec a competitor to Golem. The price of RLC has experienced a steady upward trend since the beginning of October, which has gained momentum in the last 10 days. At the top, RLC tripled in October. The reason for the rally may have been announcements about collaborations with Microsoft, Intel and Consensys.

RLC can be traded on Binance and other exchanges.

4. Thundercore +68%

Thundercore is still relatively young in the market. At Coinmarketcap, the course records started in May 2019. The project has its own blockchain and own token. Blockchain supports Smart Contracts and is compatible with Ethereum’s Virtual Machine. Thundercore can be used for data storage and decentralized applications. No concrete reason could be found for the increase. Thundercore can be traded on Huobi Global, among others.

5. IOST + 66%

IOST is a platform that supports smart contracts. The goal is to get the scaling problem under control and to ensure a smooth operation of the blockchain. IOST relies on its own consensus mechanism called “proof of believability”. The behavior of a node is monitored and evaluated according to its previous contributions to the network. One reason for the rise of the course last week could be the introduction of IOST Margin trading on the Binance crypto exchange. IOST is available on Binance.

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