How to Trade

How to start trading on RedimIT

It is not necessary to have any special skills or experience to buy/sell bitcoin and gift card ( iTunes, Amazon) on

  • Click Here or Visit
  • Click Get Started
  • Fill the forms to create an account
  • Click start trading on the user dashboard
  • Then place buy or sell order

How can I sell bitcoin?

Trade your bitcoin for cash in 4 simple steps.

  • Click start trading to begin sell order
  • Send your Bitcoin to the Admin Wallet provided.
  • After sending, enter the Transaction ID/Hash and the Value sent (in USD).
  • Upon receipt, the system will send the equivalent Naira value to the Bank Account in your profile.

How long does sell order take to complete?

Sell bitcoin order are usually completed within minutes. Order will be completed when admin has verified bitcoin in the admin wallet.

Bitcoin: some wallet providers require a specific number of network confirmations before the Bitcoin will show up in your account.

For Naira: please wait for your bank to credit you based on their inter bank settlement schedule. Naira are sent instantly from our bank.